Uganda Wildlife Society

About Uganda Wildlife Society

Welcome to the Uganda Wildlife Society, where passion meets purpose in the pursuit of conservation excellence. Founded on the 28th day of July in 1998, we, the dedicated conservationists of Uganda, stand united with a singular goal: to champion the cause of wildlife and environmental preservation throughout our beautiful nation.

Our Mission:

At the heart of Uganda Wildlife Society is an unwavering commitment to promoting the conservation of wildlife and the environment. We envision a Uganda where the delicate balance between nature and humanity thrives, where the coexistence of wildlife and people is harmonious, and where environmental considerations seamlessly integrate into all facets of development.

Our Values:

Believing in the inherent importance of protecting, conserving, and responsibly managing our wildlife and environment, we strive for sustainability in every endeavor. We recognize the vital role that cooperation plays in achieving our mission and actively engage with local communities, NGOs, government bodies, national institutions, and international organizations that share our objectives.

Our Collective Voice:

We proudly speak for all who stand with us in support of our cause. Through advocacy, education, and collaborative efforts, we amplify our collective voice to ensure that the message of conservation resonates far and wide.

Our Constitution:

By adopting this constitution, we solemnly declare our dedication to the principles outlined herein. We bind ourselves and our successors to the vision of Uganda Wildlife Society, embracing the responsibility to uphold the values set forth on that significant day in 1998.

Join us on this journey towards a Uganda where nature thrives, diversity is celebrated, and the beauty of our environment is preserved for generations to come. Together, let us create a legacy of conservation that echoes through time, leaving a lasting impact on the landscapes we cherish.